Importance of Sustainable Eating for Our Planet | NIKU Farms

April 22, 2022

Happy Earth Day, NIKU community! Do you know how your eating habits are affecting the environment?

Our farmers prioritize ethical farming practices to do what they can do to support our planet, so you know you’re getting meat products that are ethically raised with sustainable farming practices.

Make a difference this Earth Day by considering how your food choices support local small businesses that ensure they’re creating a sustainable world by investing in our future!

Three brown and white cows grazing in the pasture.

Supporting Local

By purchasing a NIKU Farms meat delivery, you’re choosing to support all of our local, Ontario farms that are family-owned small businesses!

When you support local businesses, you’re preventing large amounts of pollution that would otherwise happen due to food travel. Your food is traveling less, so it doesn’t have to be flown to get to you. You’re also putting importance and value in your community’s open farmland. More farmland means less urbanization and development, and therefore less pollution from the buildings that would be put there.

Supporting small businesses allows them to invest back into their communities.

Ethical Farming

NIKU Farms only partners with local farms that use sustainable farming practices. That means processes like regenerative farming, which allows specific parts of the farm’s pasture to regrow before letting the livestock graze in that area again.

Our farmers also use sustainability tactics like planting trees specifically for the livestock to eat its fruits, or maintaining natural ecosystems on their property.

Besides the farmland itself, our farmers ensure all of their animals are pasture-raised, grass-fed, with no added hormones and non-GMO. They prioritize the health and wellbeing of their animals.

By avoiding factory processes like hosting too many animals in a tight space, or pumping them full of hormones or fatty foods to get them ready for humans more quickly, they are taking care of the animal’s welfare as well as using less energy to provide that meat to our communities.

Invest in Our Planet

The cost of eating pasture-raised can be higher than your typical grocery store meat. But the quality is also higher.

Every decision you make is either helping or hurting our planet, and it’s time to start being more conscious about those decisions. Are you willing to pay more money to help ensure our planet is still here for generations to come? It’s time to put your dollars where your values are.

Now that you know all the ways NIKU Farms prioritizes sustainable farming and eating, what are you waiting for? Start your subscription and start eating sustainably today!