Fresh Frozen: Why we freeze our meat at NIKU Farms

July 30, 2021

When you order your first meat subscription box from us, you’ll notice that the pasture raised meat delivered from our partner farms is flash frozen. 

Your first instinct might be to think, “But that doesn’t seem very fresh?”

That’s actually not entirely true.

An unboxed NIKU Farms meat subscription box delivery with grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken.

Our partner farms flash freeze their meat immediately, as soon as the animals are processed. This is called Fresh Frozen. Not only does the meat last longer, but this also keeps it super fresh!

This allows for the pasture raised meat to be delivered to you, from the farm straight to your door, without losing any quality. It also helps your meat last much longer without needing to use any artificial preservatives.

It’s a huge difference from buying meat from the grocery store “fresh” and then putting it in your own freezer. It takes a long time for that meat to freeze, and you’ll get ice crystals forming between the fibres of the meat. So when you defrost grocery store meat, you’ll notice all of the juices washing down the drain – those are all the nutrients that should be staying inside the meat.

When you defrost meat from being freshly frozen, its quality will be like it was never frozen in the first place!

Did you know that once flash frozen, you can keep the meat in your freezer for up to a year after the packaging date?

There’s no rush to eat through all of the meat before it goes bad – you just have to make sure you have enough freezer space!

The vacuum-sealed packaging protects against freezer burn, dehydration, and discolouration that can happen over time with non-fresh frozen meats. 

Learn more about how our packaging is not only built to make your meat delivery last, but to be completely biodegradable.

If you have any questions about our farms’ freezing process, their highest quality pasture raised meat, or our delivery process in general, feel free to email our customer service team at