NIKU Farms Unboxing: What you can get in a regular box

August 13, 2021

We often get asked what comes in a NIKU Farms meat subscription box – and that’s a tough question to answer. Because each person gets to customize each and every meat delivery box they get from NIKU!

You choose the farm.

You choose the box size.

And you choose which locally sourced, high quality meats you want to fill that box with!

But to give you an idea of how much you can expect, one of our NIKU team members has offered to give you a peek into what she got in this month’s subscription from Marita Fields.

Pasture raised and grass fed meat from a NIKU Farms meat subscription box.

In a Regular Box, you can get anywhere from 8-14lbs of pasture raised meat and fish from local Ontario farms depending on the cuts you choose. And this is what our team member chose this month:

What can you do with all that meat?

That’s up to four hamburger dinners – they’ll enjoy a couple last summer barbecues before the nights start to get colder.

As well as two sausage meals. She slices up her sausages and uses them in pasta or rice-based meals, which often results in lunchtime leftovers.

A single pack of ground beef can be added to a pasta sauce – enough to feed four people and then some. The second pack of ground beef might be used for another pasta meal, or could be cooked up and used as filling for tacos or wraps!

The maple cranberry breakfast sausages will probably last a few breakfasts, and the maple syrup was a new treat for this team member, who can’t wait to try it on some homemade pancakes.

Typically our Regular Boxes will feed a family of 2-3, while our Large Boxes (16-21lbs of meat) are better suited for bigger households – but a Regular Box easily helps to feed families like this team member’s that usually opts for vegetarian meals outside of dinnertime. It all depends on your eating habits!

Take a look at all of our available products and imagine what your ideal box build looks like!