No food waste at Big Rock Bison

September 17, 2021

NIKU Farms partners with local farmers that value sustainability practices. That means providing pasture raised, grass-fed meat from farms that do what they can to make our natural resources last. Our farms prioritize food waste reduction and consider their environmental impact throughout the food production process.

At Big Rock Bison, farming sustainably includes using all parts of the animals so nothing goes to waste.

A farmer stretching his arms out to hold up a large bison hide.

Here are some ways the farmers at Big Rock Bison makes sure to use the whole animal in their practices:

  1. Leather: The farm sells their bison leather to local Indigenous reservations to be used for traditional crafts, as well as selling them rawhides to make drums. They are always looking for craftspeople who fall in love with their leathers who want to create pieces that they can sell on their website.
  2. Bone Broth: The demand to make bone broth at home is on the rise, so Big Rock Bison is increasing their sales of parts that allow their customers to make their own bone broth.
  3. Selling the skulls: After being buried in sawdust for 6 months, bison skills are pressure-washed and hung to sun bleach for a month. Then they can be painted or picked up as they are, and they are sold farm direct for decoration, or to local reserves for ceremonial purposes. 

Next time you order a NIKU Farms box, take a look at what Big Rock Bison has to offer your family and support local!