Pasture Raised Bone Broth Recipes | NIKU Farms

November 19, 2021

Did you know that a handful of our partner farms offer bone broth that you can add to your NIKU Farms meat subscription box that comes directly from their farm? 

Wait – are you familiar with bone broth? If not, it’s broth that is simmered with vegetables and pasture-raised animal bones. Bone broth is higher in nutrients than a typical stock, because the longer the broth simmers, the more minerals are taken from the bones themselves.

Whether you want to try chicken, lamb, or beef broth – keep on scrolling to get an idea of how you can cook bone broth!

A bowl of orange bone broth soup on a wooden table.

Drink it

Bone broth has great nutritional value that is beneficial to your health, and it doesn’t hurt to sip on it directly.

Make a soup or stew

Use your choice of broth as the base of a soup or stew for a delicious result! Because broth is simmered longer than stock, your soup will be extremely flavourful and full of helpful minerals. Put some broth in an instant pot or pressure cooker with chicken bones and your go-to stew ingredients for a delicious, warming soup.

Make a smoothie

Whether your smoothie is in a glass or a bowl, sweet or savoury, adding some broth to your morning smoothie will give you the health benefits without even tasting it.

Add it to stuffing or gravy

If you want to make your holiday dinner taste incredible this winter, add some broth to your stuffing or gravy to make your classic holiday plate extra succulent.

Now that you know the benefits of bone broth, why not add a container of lamb, chicken or beef bone broth in your next NIKU Farms delivery and get cooking!